Diamond Blade Wear

“Mega Hire supplies equipment with the best quality blades and consumables to maximise the performance of your hired equipment”

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Mega Hire has a fair use policy when it comes to diamond blade and wear. Included in your hire price is 1mm of wear.  For some equipment different blades and discs are available that will suit different jobs. Feel free to inquire for advice on selecting the best set up for your application.

We are asked frequently about how much you can cut / grind with 1mm of usage. The correct, but unhelpful answer, is “how long is a piece of string?”. Diamond blade usage is dependent on a large range of variables such as the age of the concrete, the aggregate used, but also how the equipment is used. However, unlike some hire companies, Mega Hire uses the highest quality consumables in our equipment, so you can be guaranteed you get the most out of your hire.

Additional wear will be charged as follows (per mm):

Demolition Saws 300m, 350mm & 400mm - $35 (inc GST)

Concrete Saws 350mm & 500mm - $35 (inc GST)

Concrete Floor Grinder 250mm - $35 (inc GST)

Concrete Floor Grinder 480mm - $35 (inc GST)