Concrete floor grinder & edger package

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Hire package includes 250mm floor grinder, 480mm floor grinder, vacuum cleaner with dust separator, and 1mm of diamond wear per day, or 5mm per week.

Refer to our disc selection page if you are unsure of which discs would be most appropriate for your task.

For additional information on the product refer to our Meteor 250 Safety & Operators Manual, and our Satellite 480 Safety & Operators Manual.

Multiple types of discs can be selected in the hire package - the total wear is measured across all discs, with excess diamond wear charged at $55/mm for the 250mm discs, and $35/mm for the 175mm discs (the 480mm machine has three of these discs).

The hirer is also welcome to use their own discs.


  • Indoor floor surface renovations
  • Grinding and polishing concrete and stone
  • Levelling concrete
  • Removing paint, adhesives, membranes
  • Cleaning

Product Information

An aggressive floor grinding machine for professionals, ideal for larger areas (several hundred m2). This machine will remove paint, epoxy and adhesives, exposed aggregate, and grind surface imperfections.

  • Foldable handle for transport
  • Edging shroud allowing grinding to within 2mm of edges
  • Quick swap from normal grinding to edging
  • Vacuum cleaners available for dust free grinding

Mandatory Safety Equipment

Safety glasses Hearing protection Steel cap boots Respiratory mask

Specification Value

Floorex Meteor 250 Generation 3

Floorex Satellite 480 Generation 3

Power 2400W 240V
Weight 62kg (250mm) and 160kg (480mm)
Max head pressure 35kg (250mm) and 112kg (480mm)
Rotation speed 1440rpm

Please read our General Safety Information Guide before operating this equipment.

Please read our full Hire Contract Conditions here before hiring from Mega Hire.


In addition, please note the following specific conditions:

- Operators Manual must be read prior to operating this machine (available from the product page on

Multiple orders can usually be combined into one delivery (depending on size and number of equipment).

Mega Hire deliver to the greater Brisbane area (click on the map below for an ineractive google map). We typically deliver in the morning of each day (excluding Sundays). We will contact you to inform you of a time window for delivery.

Delivery and pickup sites must have a safe area to unload, demonstrate the equipment and complete the paperwork.

More information on our delivery and collection service is available here.

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