Disinfectant Fogger - manual

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    Disinfection Fogging Process

    This mobile fogging unit uses compressed air to atomise a disinfectant liquid into ultra-fine droplets (~10µm) creating a 'dry fog'. The ultra-fine fog does not settle straight away but natually circulates throughout a room or hallway, difusing widely like a gas filling the space being decontaminated. The fog makes its way into tight areas/cracks/vents and settle on surfaces to kill germs and pathogens. It does not wet the surface it settles on (hence the term "dry fog"). This process is ideal in larger areas, especially with many items/pieces of equipment that are very difficult to thoroughly clean by hand.


    • Disinfecting high-use areas with many objects that are difficult to clean manually
    • Disinfecting larger indoor areas/equipment/machines
    • Disinfecting food production factories to kill mould spores
    • Disinfecting common areas
    • Sanitising, disinfecting and cleaning

    Product Information - IKEUCHI & CO - AirGun Jet

    A commercial quality mobile trolley fogging unit with tank, manufactured in Japan. Requires compressed air input (small compressor available for hire with the package). 

    • Fill the pressure vessel with chemical disinfectant (up to 18L)
    • Fogging pistol for manual targetting specific high-use areas, or difficult to reach spaces than cant be manually cleaned (compressed air input)

    Mandatory Safety Equipment

    Safety glasses

    Please note, make and model of machine supplied may be different to the specifications below. If you require exact figures, please call our office.

    Specification Value
    Weight 22kg (empty)
    Volume 18L
    Compressed air requirement (max) 4 bar, 7CFM

    Please read our General Safety Information Guide before operating this equipment.

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