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General hire information

  • Delivery, collection and waste disposal is included in the above price (to the Greater Brisbane area)
  • For hires longer than 1 week, a daily hire fee for the skip is charged at $8/day
  • The hire allows for a maximum weight of 5.5T, and must not be filled above the top edge of the skip

Ensure you read our guide that explains the different waste categories, including what is and is not allowed to be put in the skip.

Product Information - Skip bin

Standard skip bin transported by a rear-loading truck. 

  • 4m3 or 6m3 volume, available with or without wheelbarrow door. 

Product Information - Dingo K9-3

The all-conquering mini-loader by Dingo. This robust, powerful, and versatile machine is fit for all earthmoving and construction tasks. Controlled by a 'stand-on' operator, this wheeled mini-loader has a range of earthmoving attachments. It has a powerful diesel engine, and is compact and manoeuvrable for limited access applications. The machine must be transported on a special purpose plant trailer. No license is required to operate the machine.  Available attachments include:

  • Standard 4-in-1 bucket for soil transfer, levelling, scraping, bite and bucket work.
  • Post-hole borer (with a range of auger sizes), plus auger extension
  • Trencher 150mm
  • Cement mixer
  • Ripper
  • Leveler / Smudge bar
  • Rotary hoe

Mandatory Safety Equipment

Hearing protection Hard Hat Steel cap boots

Skip specifications
Specification Value
Dimensions 4m3 3.3 L x 1.6 W x 0.95 H
Dimensions 6m3 3.7 L x 1.6 W x 1.3 H


Dingo specifications

Specification Value
Model Dingo K9-3
Power Kohler Petrol 22HP
Drive 4WD
Operating Weight 700-800kg
Hydraulic Flow 43 L/min
Speed 0-6km/hr
Rated capacity 250kg SWL
Overall width 1040mm
Maximum operating height 2080mm
Length (without attachment) 1565mm
More Specs... Dingo K9-3 Operating Manual

Please read our General Safety Information Guide before operating this equipment.


Please read our full Hire Contract Conditions here before hiring from Mega Hire.


In addition, please note the following specific conditions:


- Mega Hire staff will assist in connecting the trailer to the hirers/drivers vehicle but it remains the responsibility of the hirer/driver to ensure trailer is correctly fitted to the tow vehicle before leaving hire depot and throughout period of hire

- The towing vehicle and towbar's maximum rated towing capacity must exceed the laden weight of the trailer

Multiple orders can usually be combined into one delivery (depending on size and number of equipment).

Mega Hire deliver to the greater Brisbane area (click on the map below for an ineractive google map). We typically deliver in the morning of each day (excluding Sundays). We will contact you to inform you of a time window for delivery.

Delivery and pickup sites must have a safe area to unload, demonstrate the equipment and complete the paperwork.

More information on our delivery and collection service is available here.

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